Implementation of Compensation for Land Acquisition in the Construction of 150kv SUTT Tower for Public Interest

Lalu Caesar Nebula, Lalu Husni, Arba Arba


Electricity development really needs land. The government of the share permit holder seeks to improve service to the community by building large-scale power plant centers and transmission or High Voltage Air Channel networks (abbreviated in Indonesian as 150 kV SUTT) as a medium to deliver electricity to load centers or to customers. This article describes how to carry out compensation for land acquisition in the construction of the 150 kV SUTT tower for public interest. This study uses juridical empirical method as well as statute and conceptual approaches. The results of the study indicated that the process of communication or discussion between interested parties is carried out to achieve understanding and agreement in determining the location of land acquisition activities in the construction for the public interest. After an agreement in the public consultation for location determination occurs, the assessment of compensation is carried out by an assessment team formed by the governor through the local National Land Agency. Furthermore, a new assessment is carried out through discussion to determine the value of compensation in fulfilling the rights of the community whose land is affected by land acquisition for the construction of a 150kV SUTT tower.


Land Acquisition; Compensation; Power Plant

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