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A, Nonoh Siti, Faculty of Teaching and Education, Universitas Sebelas Maret (Indonesia)
Abdullah, Aldrin, School of Housing, Building and Planning, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia
Abdullah, Lim
Abdullah, Wakit, Sebelas Maret University (Indonesia)
Aboul-Enein, Basil H, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Department of Global Health & Development 15-17 Tavistock Place London WC1H 9SH United Kingdom E-mail:
Adegustara, Frenadin, Faculty of Law, Universitas Andalas Padang (Indonesia)
Adi Krisna, Swante, Faculty of Law, Universitas Sebelas Maret (Indonesia)
Adiastari, Cindy, Faculty of Law, Universitas Sebelas Maret (Indonesia)
Adinugraha, Calvin Oktaviano, Faculty of Law, Sebelas Maret University (Indonesia)
Agha, Ambreen, Ph.D from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, Researcher at Institute for Conflict Management, New Delhi (India)
Agriani, Trisakti, Department of Linguistics, Universitas Sebelas Maret (Indonesia)
Agung, Leo, History education, Sebelas Maret Univerity, Surakarata, Indonesia (Indonesia)
Agung, Leo, Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia (Indonesia)
Agung, Leo
Agung, Subhan
Agung S, Leo, Sebelas Maret University (Indonesia)
Agung S, Leo, Universitas Sebelas Maret (Indonesia)
Agung S, Leo
Agustianto, Luki, Faculty of Teaching and Education, Universitas Sebelas Maret (Indonesia)
Agustyaningrum, Hana, Universitas Sebelas Maret (Indonesia)
Aguswara, Winda Wirasti, State University of Jakarta (Indonesia)
Ahangaran, Masoumeh, Department of Political Science, Shahed University (Iran, Islamic Republic of)
Ahmad, Norlida
Ahmad, Sabarinah Sh., Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Surveying, UiTM, Shah Alam, 40450, Malaysia (Malaysia)
Ahyar, Muh, Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta (Indonesia)

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