The Effectiveness of Group Work Technique in Improving the Students’ Speaking Skill a Survey at Second Semester Students of English in Academic Years 2017-2018

Fahrurrozi Fahrurrozi, Untung Waluyo, Henny Soepriyanti


This study is intended to find out the effectiveness of group work technique in improving the students speaking : a survey at second semester student of English department of FPBS university of Mataram in academic years 20017-200, there are 48 students taken and are divided in two groups namely : experimental group and control group. D class was treated as experimental group and was taught by using group-work technique and E class was treated as control group and were taught by using individual work technique. The data was collected base on the result of pre-test and post-test, which was given after the student of two groups were given treatment, after gaining the data from the research, the writer process the score of the two group, the total of the mean score from the experimental group is 58 and the control group is 50,5. After the computation of the mean score we continues to calculate the standard deviation of the two groups and the standard deviation score from the experimental group is 198,96 and from the control group si 123,34 and the analyzed the significance of the mean score and the deviation score used a t-test formula and the value of the t-test is 2,953 where the writer checking on the t-table at 5 and 1 level of significance. After the statistical analysis of the date obtained, finally, the writer concludes that, that of use group work technique is effective in improving the student speaking skill.


Effectiveness; Group Work; Technique; Speaking Skill

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