Education Learning Development of Character Education-Based State Defense

Aniek Irawatie, Iswahyuni Iswahyuni, Marina Eri Setyawati


National character education process must be carried out in developing the learning process actively. Education organizations do this through internationalization process and the comprehension of character values reflected in the curriculum. The state defense-contained curriculum development build ups "local wisdom" reflected in the education learning of state defense. It is definitely manifested in the general compulsory subject of the universities and colleges, i.e. Pancasila Education and Civic Education. This research uses qualitative approach because the research problem is dynamic, and therefore, the research process is intended to understand the situation compehensively and results in recommendation on the education learning methods of character-education based state defense. The descriptive method is also used in this research as problem solving procedure on how the Education Learning Development of Character Education-Based State Defense at University of UPN Veteran Jakarta and how the lecturers as communicators carry out their role when they implement the Education Learning Development of Character Education Based State Defense at University of UPN Veteran Jakarta with critical thinking oriented and problem solving oriented model. The research results show that University of UPN Veteran Jakarta as the campus of "State Defense" has active role when it does socialization of state defense values through the Subject of Pancasila Education and Civic Education as " local wisdom" of Character Education based State Defense curriculum. The curriculum is integrated into several subjects in all faculties of the university so that the outcomes expect that the graduate students have and become character personality in their daily life, develop a more prosperous societal life and honorable national life. The lecturers are also able to implement and have the learning methods which do not make their students boring.


Learning; State Defense Education; Character Education

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