The Concept of Good Communication in Sundanese Way of Life a Paremiologicall Analysis

Nantia Rena Dewi Munggaran


Sundanese people is the Indonesia's second largest ethnic with a population of nearly 50 million people. As a large ethnic, ethophilosophically, Sundanese people believed to have developed a unique perspective on the various aspects of life, especially the aspect of Communication.All this time our understanding of Sundanese communication  values is very limited. In fact, we tend to ignore it. Proven until now research in this field has never been done. Though understanding of local values are strategic and can become the entrance to understand Sundanese Communicative behavior more accurately and correctly.This study aims to explore the Sundanese’s  view about 'the concept of good communication' with a focus on the following question; how do Sundanese people view the concept of good communication?By using paremiological analysis method that analyzes two books namely (1) Kumpulan Babasan jeung Paribasa Sunda, and (2) 1863 Babasan jeung Paribasa Sunda, the research found that Sundanese people  placing communication as determinants of good or poor quality of social life. Sundanese’s Communication behavior tend to be oriented on circumspection and collectivity.


Communication; Sundanese Way; Paremiologicall Analysis

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