Batik Innovation: A Harmony of Indonesian Batik Motifs and Kazakh Motifs

Aizada Amanzholova, Ira Wirasari


This thesis explores the merging of traditional Kazakh ornamentation and patterns with Indonesian batik, delving into the field of textile design. Utilizing the rich cultural legacies of Kazakhstan and Indonesia, the research explores the creative potential that results from the fusion of these two disparate artistic cultures. This study employs an interdisciplinary methodology that incorporates design theory, cultural studies, and art history to investigate the historical, aesthetic, and cultural contexts of traditional decoration from Kazakhstan and Indonesian batik. It points out areas where there could be synergies for fusion by identifying recurring themes, motifs, and design aspects in both cultures. In addition, the study examines the methods of adaptation, reinterpretation, and hybridization in textile design as well as the creative processes involved in fusing traditional Kazakh patterns with Indonesian batik. The study advances our knowledge of cultural exchange, identity, and preservation in modern design practice by examining the aesthetic and cultural ramifications of the fusion designs. It also provides useful advice and insights for designers and craftspeople looking to collaborate on cross-cultural projects. In the end, this thesis seeks to further sustainable cultural exchange, textile design innovation, and cultural enrichment in the international arena of artistic expression. 


Culture; Indonesian Batik; Kazakh National Ornaments; Pattern

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