Accepting the Rights of Patients in Hospital Health Services

Iskandar A.Gani, Suhaimi Suhaimi, Enzus Tinianus


This writing is one of the forms of human rights violations and compliance in the treatment of patients in hospitals. We recognize that the patient, as the weaker party in obtaining hospital services, will usually accept what the hospital does, including in the case of his servants, even if his services are not in accordance with the prescribed procedures. This study and writing is to find out and explain how the policy of the health insurance enforcement against the hospital that practices fraud in fulfilling the rights of the patient as well as setting the duration of attendance for the participants and the mechanism of the system of payment of health insurance to the hospital in the cooperation agreement (PKS). This study and writing use a normative and empirical approach by placing the laws relating to substances as the center of the study and descriptive methods intended to display all the data related to the substance. The data used are library data such as legal instruments, books, the Internet, and so on, as well as observations and interviews with relevant parties where the data is collected by performing descriptional analysis for results that show that there is a violation of the rights of health insurers in providing hospital facility services in connection with the limitation of treatment time by hospitals.


The Rights of Patiens; Health Service

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