Sarcastic Utterance Translation in Kesatria, Putri, Bintang Jatuh (Pragmatic Approach)

Salsadila Sindya Dewantari


The purpose of this research is to explore the translation of sarcastic utterances in a novel titled Kesatria, Putri, danBintangJatuh. In this research, the researcher analyzes the linguistic and cultural nuances involved in conveying the intended meaning and structure in the target language. The evaluation of translation quality revealed moderate accuracy, high acceptability, and excellent readability. The results suggest that the data from the source text is effectively conveyed to the target text, aligning with cultural norms and ensuring comprehensibility for the target audience. However, the negative impact of literal translation emphasizes the necessity of careful consideration in selecting appropriate techniques to preserve the nuances and effectiveness of eliciting a high-quality translation. 


Sarcastic; Flouting; Kpbj; Translation Technique; Translation Quality

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