A Reflection on the Impact and Connection of AI with Humanities

Farhad Kabali Samartoiy, Mohamad Mahdi Davar


Artificial intelligence, as a phenomenon that has a wide scope in various issues and topics, is also related to humanities and plays an effective role in it. The two basic questions of this article are whether artificial intelligence is related to humanities and whether artificial intelligence has an effective role in humanities. By reflecting on each of the questions, we can see that AI is related to humanities and plays a role in it. Its relevance is due to the fact that humanities have the potential to be related to other fields, and of course artificial intelligence will also have this capability. Regarding the second question, it should be said that AI can play a role in humanities in three ways. 1. Have an active role; 2. Help humanities researchers; 3. Be raised as a subject to be investigated in humanities.


Humanities, AI, Artificial Intelligence

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18415/ijmmu.v10i9.5059


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