Implementation of Complete Systematic Land Registration (PTSL) During the Covid-19 Pandemic to Guarantee Legal Certainty at the Keerom District Land Office

james yoseph palenewen


Implementation of the Complete System Land Registration (PTSL) during the Covid-19 pandemic to ensure legal certainty at the Keerom District Land Office. The goal is to find out the implementation process and also the obstacles during the Covid-19 pandemic. In this study the method used is normative and empirical law, normative law is an approach that refers to law, literature, written regulations or other secondary legal materials. While the empirical, namely the identification and conceptualization of law as a social institution that is real and functions in a real life system. The results of the study show that the implementation of a complete systematic land registration at the Keerom District Land Office where Committee A plays a very important role in carrying out its duties and functions for the creation of orderly land, taking into account the needs of the community and also paying attention to boundaries bordering other parties to avoid disputes in the future. It can also be seen that the number of land parcels that have been able to be certified in this land registration process. Automatically this will have an impact on reducing the number of land disputes because residents already have certificates as proof of ownership of land rights and obstacles in carrying out systematic land registration during the Covid-19 pandemic at the Keerom District Land Office, namely: 1) Counseling is limited, 2) Budget is reduced, 3) Target is reduced, and 4) It is difficult for field officers to meet applicants.


Implementation, Complete Systematic Land Registration (PTSL), Covid-19 Pandemic Period.

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