Apophatic Theology with Emphasis on Philosophical-Theological Views of Qazi Sa’id Qomi

Bahador Mehraki, Abdollah Gholami


True perception of perfectionistic attributes of the divinity and how they are attributed to Him along with the extent of alignment of attributes with true unity are some of historically acknowledged basic problems of theology. Some scholars advocate apophatic/negative theology while others join the camp of cataphatic/positive theology. Qazi Saʽid Qomi is one of the Muslims advocating the negative theology who emphasized on divergence of creator from creatures as well as negation of homogeneity between the two. The present paper adopts a critical approach to Qazi Sa’id Qomi’s views so as to further review and clarify them. The results suggest that this approach leads to cessation of divinity perception. 


Negative Theology; Positive Theology; Identicalness of Attribute and Essence; Attribution of Divine; Attributes to Creatures

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18415/ijmmu.v9i7.3950


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