Description of the Syntax of the Text in Modern Linguistics

Nadejda Emirovna Shakurbanova


The article is devoted to the descriptive characteristic of the concept of syntax of text and discourse. For a long time, these concepts were analyzed by many scientists and developed the principles for the analysis of these syntactic units. In their writings, the text as a linguistic category and the difference in concepts text and discourse are considered. The history of the study and the current state of these phenomena in linguistics are described. A wide understanding of the term “text” has been established relatively recently. It is associated with the general trend of interpretation of culture as a complex semiotic education. This approach is due to the development of semiotics. In the French tradition, the term “discourse” for coherent speech was used by E. Benvenist, indicating them with a speech work, which occurs every time we speak.


Russian Language; Syntax, Sociolinguistics; Social Roles; Speech Act; Speech Behavior; Linguistics; Complex Sentences; Syntactic Analysis; Text; Discourse

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