A Model for Improving the Spirituality of Students and Youth Based on the Media

Shakhnoza Taylakova


The development of the media in the world is leading to the emergence of antisocial behaviors that threaten the lives and health of young people, harmful ideas and ideological attacks that contradict our way of life. Students who use foreign television programs, radio broadcasts, Internet resources, mobile communications, computer games, video and film products, along with the necessary information, are exposed to the propaganda of cruelty, violence and other ideas that contradict the moral order of our society. As a result, the need to form an information culture among young people and raise their morale is becoming increasingly important. This article covers the processes related to media literacy of young people and their promotion.


Experiments; Experiments; Ideological Threat; Important Achievement; Globalization

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18415/ijmmu.v9i6.3857


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