Pedagogical and Psychological Ways to Overcome the Problem of Lesson Discipline in Secondary Schools

Akhmedova M.T.


This scientific article states that pedagogical conflict is a common situation in social life, and that educators or leaders without practical skills and strong training can create conditions for conflict relations at the same time, opinions are expressed on the study and resolution of pedagogical conflict by the sciences of pedagogy and psychology. It is mentioned that both of them study one common process - a person's mental activity and his behavior, which today a modern teacher cannot enter the audience without social psychological training. That is why it is emphasized to be able to establish interaction between students and expediency of using socio-psychological mechanisms in the children's community.  The role of the environment, people and society in which a person lives is very important in the formation of a person. Because various events in the social environment directly affect the human mind and leave a deep mark on it. With this in mind, the teacher should study the psyche and character of children, and on this basis develop a clear and coherent system of teaching. Psychologist M.M. Ribakova's researches reflected in the pedagogical conflictology development. In the study of the subject of pedagogical conflictology, the concepts of "conflict", "social conflict", "pedagogical conflict" complement the subject of pedagogical conflictology and reveal the essence of its origin. In the study of this subject, the concepts of "conflict", "social conflict", "pedagogical conflict" serve as the main roots of the science.


Pedagogical Conflict; Criticism; Social Relations;The Younger Generation; Communication; Modernization; Discipline of the Lesson; Rules of Conduct; Interpersonal Relations; Pupil-Teacher Relations; Adolescence; Biological Development

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