Legal Protection of Children as Perpetrators of Theft in the Investigation Process in Kerinci Police Resort

Elia Tri Utari, Irma Cahyaningtyas


The writing of this journal in the form of research results based on theoretical problems in the implementation of the legal protection of children who commit criminal acts, especially the crime of theft in Indonesia Juvenile Criminal Justice System Law Number 11 of 2012 (IJCJS Law), provides guarantees of protection of children's rights seen from the rules contained therein so that in solving child cases, children can still grow and develop optimally without having to Lost their rights. The granting right of the child abuser because the child as the perpetrator also considered as the child of the victim, then child protection is all activities to guarantee and protect the child and his rights to live, grow, develop and participate optimally by the dignity and dignity of humanity, and get protection from violence and discrimination. Granting children's rights as perpetrators of criminal acts of theft in the investigation process in Kerinci Police Resort with Article 3 of IJCJS Law. Still, in practice, some rights are neglected. Everyone must uphold children's rights, but unfortunately, in the implementation of law enforcement, problems often experience obstacles and obstacles both caused by internal factors and external factors that affect the implementation of legal protection against Children perpetrators of criminal theft in Kerinci Police Resort. The purpose of this study is to outline how the investigation process should be and the rights that must fulfilled for children in the investigation process in Kerinci Police Resort. To achieve this goal, researchers use an empirical juridical approach that examines laws and regulations and looks at the reality seen from the perspective of the application of the law.


Legal Protection; Child Theft Investigation; Juvenile Criminal Justice System

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