Effect of Work Placement and Working Conditions on Work Commitment and Work Performance (Study on Service Employees in West Lombok Regency)

Wazid Rafid Sanjani, Lalu Suparman, Sri Wahyulina


The achievement has always been a serious concern for every government agency. Work performance shows the quality and quantity of work achieved by employees in carrying out their duties following their responsibilities. This research aims to analyze the effect of Work Placement and Working Conditions on Commitment and their impact on Work Performance West Lombok District Service Officer. The sample in this study was 91 employees. The data collection used a questionnaire which analyzed using the Structural Equation Model Partial Least Square (SEM-PLS). The study results show that (1) Work Placement has a positive and significant effect on work performance. (2) Working conditions positively and significantly affect work performance. (3) Work placement positively and significantly affects organizational commitment. (4) Working conditions positively and significantly affect organizational commitment. (5) Organizational commitment has a positive and significant effect on work performance.


Work Placement; Working Conditions; Organizational Commitment; Work Performance

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18415/ijmmu.v9i2.3466


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