Comparison of Iranian Civil Law and International Law on Termination of Contracts

Hamid Putanloui, Leila Ghalijaie, Meysam Eslami


The expansion of relations between countries has led to an increase in international transactions, and since trading and economic activity in general require special legal rules, in some cases, according to international transactions, the rules in the world's major legal systems enter the international arena. These rules have sometimes been agreed upon by countries to adapt to the needs of international trade by amending the relevant documents. In the present article, the research method has been library and also the collection of information has been descriptive, analytical and comparative methods. In the end, some rules can be obtained, including the rule "right of cancellation due to the anticipation of breach of contract" referred to in Article 72 of the Convention on the International Sale of Goods. According to this article, if it is revealed before the due date that the obligation will not be reasonably fulfilled, such as if the obligor declares that he will refuse to fulfill his obligations, the other party may announce his decision to terminate the contract by sending a statement. If the obligor refuses to provide an appropriate guarantee for the performance of the contract, the obligee will have the right to terminate the contract.


Termination; Actual Breach of Contract; Possible Breach of Contract; Guarantee of Contract Performance

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