The Identification of Characteristic, Cause, and Disaster Management of Traffic Accident at the Sungailiat – Belinyu Road

Etty Yusrika Fitri, Suhadi Purwantara


This study aims to identify the characteristic, cause, and disaster management of traffic accidents at the Sungailiat – Belinyu road. The research method used is descriptive quantitative. Data collection techniques is in the form of documentation and observation. The data collected then analyzed using data analysis techniques with classification methods. Based on the research done, the results obtained are the accidents that occur on Jalan Raya Sungailiat - Belinyu are the most common in Riau Silip District with a percentage of 59.8%. The accidents characteristics on Sungailiat - Belinyu road based on the time of the incident, mostly occurred during the afternoon to evening at 12.00 - 17.59 WIB and in the evening at 18.00 - 23.59 WIB. Based on the type of collision, the most common types of collisions are frontal collisions by 30% and collisions due to loss of control by 26.6%. Based on road users, road users who are most involved in accidents are motorcycles by 40%, cars by 23.3%, dump trucks by 10%, and the other vehicles in a small percentage. As for the factors causing the accident, it was found that the accident was caused by road users (73.33%), road factors (23.33%), and environmental factors (6.66%). The handling of accident management is arranged according to the causative factors that are done before, when it occurs, and after an accident occurs as an effort to reduce the risk of accidents on the Sungailiat – Belinyu road, Bangka Regency.



Accident; Sungailiat - Belinyu

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