Oeteta Local Community Social Solidarity towards Bugis-Makassar Traders in Kupang Regency

Wahid Hasyim TRA Beni, Eko Hardipurnomo, Nurdin Nurdin


This paper discussed about the social solidarity that exists between local people and Bugis-Makassar trader in Oeteta, Futuleu District, Kupang Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. This paper is to answer the question of how the solidarity between them intertwined, and how does the Bugis-Makassar trader agree in Oeteta ?, and what are the forms of social solidarity between them? To answer that, the research method used is qualitative. The research location is in Oeteta Village, Futuleu District, Kupang Regency. In general, this paper discusses the social solidarity in the village of Oeteta due to community awareness of changes and improvements in life. Therefore between the locals and the Bugis-Makassar merchants, they worked hand in hand to join forces. Likewise, Bugis-Makassar traders are good at adjusting or regulating with local residents so that a sense of solidarity arises between them. As forms of social solidarity between local residents and Bugis-Makassar traders can be seen in the social, economic and religious fields.


Social Solidarity; Local Communities; Bugis-Makassar Traders; Oeteta-Kupang

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18415/ijmmu.v8i7.2830


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