Quranic-Intellectual Recitation of the Truth of the Religion Perfection, Considering the Necessity of Internal and External Compatibility of the Third Verse of Surah Ma'idah, along with a Critique of Sunni Views

Javad Rezai, S. Ahmadreza Shahrokhi, Mohammadreza Karimivala


The perfection verse (third verse of Surah Ma'idah) is one of the most important verses of the Qur'an in the guardianship and Imamate discussion, in which the sects generally refer to the following interpretive narrations in explaining it while there is a lot of controversies. Shiite narrations consider the verse revelation on the day of Ghadir and about the guardianship of Imam Ali (PBUH), but the Sunnis deny this.  In this article, for the first time, by categorizing the views of the Sunnis and considering the necessity of internal compatibility of the content of the verse and external compatibility with other verses and the intellectual necessities and without quoting narrations, is proven that the perfection of religion is possible only with Imamate and Wilayah with a novel style; and this is the Shiite vote. This research easily refuted all the possibilities mentioned in Sunni sources by the mentioned method and without the need to enter into the usual disputes in the interpretation of the verse. Recognize the time of verse revelation and proving the scope and territory of the Imamate and the Imam’s conditions are other results of this research.


Imamate; Completion Verse (Third Verse of Surah Ma'idah); The Islamic Prophet (PBUH); Religion; Perfection

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18415/ijmmu.v8i7.2808


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