Development of Local Wisdom Augmented Reality (AR) Media in Elementary Schools

Anna Riani, Erry Utomo, Sri Nuraini


This research is what research, the media slackens at the time of the pandemic. Augmented reality media is a good student in scorn. Which media can be framed to increase cpi until now independent at home? To be able to re-attract this media disikamati local wisdom Pencak silat content and thematic integrated know Natural Sciences (IPA). In the generation of research and development of models of several types. Which model is the 4-D model? The model developed by this 4D development model consists of 4 main stages, namely: Define, Design, Develop, and So on. These methods and models were chosen because for products that result in augmented media reality. Products that develop trials with validity and product trials to know the results of self-reliance learning and learning learners were learning to use augmented reality media-based Pencak silat on human blood matter material. The evaluation results showed the quality of media by material experts classified as an excellent category with a score of 83.5%. Media quality by linguists is excellent with a score of 89.55%. Media quality by media experts is classified as very good with a score of 85%. Teacher response test results fall into the excellent category with a score of 86.93%. Based on the percentage of score acquisition can be concluded that integrated thematic AR media and local wisdom Pencak silat deserve to be used in learning activities.


Augmented Reality Media; Integrated Thematic Pencak Silat; Elementary School

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