Influence of Nutrients on Winter Wheat on Its Productivity of Old Irrigated Light Serosemes

Shavkatjon Zakirovich Khakimov


The consumption of nutrients by plants of winter wheat in certain periods of vegetation occurs unevenly and significantly increases with the use of fertilizers. The greatest amount of nitrogen enters the plants from earing to milk ripeness, phosphorus and potassium from tillering to earing. Removal of nutrients by winter wheat when applying high doses of fertilizers and the highest yield increased by 1.5-2 times compared with the control. Fertilizers improved the quality of grain, with a stronger impact of nitrogen fertilizers. The greatest amount of protein and gluten in the grain of wheat was observed with the introduction of high doses of nitrogen, as well as with the transfer of part of it into the fertilizing before the ear.


Light Gray Soil; Winter Wheat; Elements of Wheat Crop Structure; Mineral Fertilizers; Grain Quality; Yield Index

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