Analysis of Krishnamurti's Attitude towards Belief and Ideology

Mahdi Ghahraman


Ideology is one of the complex concepts that many thinkers from different sciences have talked about it and studied it; there is no comprehensive definition of what constitutes consensus among thinkers, or at least is acceptable to most of them; thinkers can be divided into three main spectrums regarding the definitions and characteristics that they have proposed for ideology. One group has a positive attitude towards ideology and has introduced it as a necessity for human life; another group has defined the ideology negatively, they not only did not evaluate it positively, but also introduced it as the cause of separation and division, etc., and sought to deny it; the other group introduces ideology as a neutral concept that can be characterized by both the positive features proposed by some thinkers and the negative features suggested by some other thinkers. Jiddu Krishnamurti is one of the thinkers who has a negative view towards ideology and rejects it due to some of the claimed characteristics such as segregation, separation, seduction and so on. This attitude is rejected by religious and non-religious thinkers.


Ideology; Belief; Thought; Krishnamurti; Islam

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