Linear Periodization and Non Liner Periodization: Which Is Better?

Octavianus Matakupan, Firmansyah Dlis, Johansyah Lubis, Iman Sulaiman Zamzami


Choosing the right training method is one of the elements of a coach's success in increasing athlete's performance. This study aims to test the linear periodization training method and the non-linear periodization training method. The method used in this determination is This experimental research used a 2x2 factorial design. The research design takes into account the possibility of a moderating variable affecting the treatment (independent variable) on the outcome (dependent variable). In this study, there are two methods of hockey training, namely the group that exercises using linear periodization and the group that uses non-linear periodization. This research was conducted for 16 meetings with an intensity of 60 minutes per meeting. The subjects studied were UNJ hockey athletes. The results of this study indicate that the non-linear periodization training method is more effective for increasing leg muscle strength.


Hockey; Linear Periodization and Non Liner Periodization

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