Cultural Identity of Muslim Women in the Yukngaji Community, Indonesia

Intan Suciati, Andrik Purwasito, Andre N Rahmanto


The rise of the hijrah movement trend has caused a shift in one's cultural identity. The phenomenon of hijrah, which was initially interpreted as a personal rite, has begun to shift into a communal movement. In essence, hijrah is a process of how a person improves himself towards the process of obedience and abandons God's prohibitions. The hijrah process is essentially related to the process of searching for one's identity. In a communication perspective, identity is not generated independently, but through a process of communication with others. Through The Communication Theory of Identity (CTI), this research wants to know how the shifting of identity of Muslim women is presented in layers. This research is a qualitative research with a case study approach that collects data through in-depth interview techniques and collects data about the YukNgaji Community. The results showed that the shift in the cultural identity of Muslim women in the YukNgaji Community is depicted through enactment identity, relational identity, and communal identity. The shift in cultural identity that occurs in Muslim women is basically a positive change. So that with this change, women can protect themselves in the future.


Cultural Identity; Identity of Woman; Muslim Woman

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