Design of Interactive Learning Multimedia Development in General Administration Subject

Nur Rahmi Akbarini, Wiedy Murtini, Andre N Rahmanto


This study was a research and development. This study aimed to find out the feasibility and validity of interactive learning multimedia in general administration subject. Lectora Inspire-based interactive learning media was tried out through validation by media expert, linguist, material expert, practitioners, and with the students through learning process.

The result of validation by material expert on the media developed obtained total score of 87.5% belonging to very good criterion, the result of validation by material expert obtained total score of 95% belonging to very good criterion, the result of validation by linguist obtained total score of 100% belonging to very good criterion, and the result of validation by practitioners obtained total score of 93.10% belonging to very good criterion. The result of validation conducted by expert was also supported with the result of feasibility test in product tryout obtaining score of 87.5% belonging to very good criterion.

The conclusion of research was that Lectora inspire based interactive learning in general administration subject was valid and feasible to use as learning media in school.


Design; Interactive Learning; Multimedia; General Administration

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