Visionary Leadership on Transforming Organizational Change in the Era of Disruption

Moh Khoiri


The research aimed to find out the visionary abilities of a principal in advertising in organizations. For transforming organizational change, the school needs visionary leadership in leading the organization. The article proposes an institutional framework of visionary leadership in the era of disruption and suggests that vigorous visionary leadership among deans is required in order to generate a unique school identity and reputation. The paper concludes by outlining steps principal can take while shaping their vision in order to create a unique organizational identity. This research uses descriptive qualitative approach by a case study in Secondary Schools At-Taubah in Jakarta, Indonesia. The informants are the principal, teachers, administration staffs, all employees and students, taken according to the assignment or reference of the previous job perform assessment. Data collection technique uses observation and interview.Principals must act as agent of positive change by creating a caring and trustful atmosphere; enhance team spirit; involve teachers in planning and making teaching materials.


Visionary Leadership; Organization Change; Era Disruption

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