Analysis of Human Resources and Coordination of the Effectiveness of Supervision of Building Permit Services (IMB) at the Maros Regency Spatial and Housing Agency

Askariani Sahur, Harbani Harbani


This study aims to explain the support of human resource factors and coordination of the effectiveness of supervision of Building Permit services (IMB) at the Maros Regency Spatial Planning and Housing Office. This study uses a qualitative approach in the form of a descriptive survey to describe the information obtained in connection with the implementation of the supervision of IMB services at the Department of Spatial and Housing of Maros Regency. The population in this study were all employees including honorary staff at the Department of Spatial Planning and Housing in Maros Regency, amounting to 52 people, and the community as many as 50 people. The results of this study indicate that HR personnel and coordination of the supervision of IMB services are still not good. because the ability of the apparatus is still low, and discipline and awareness are also low. While coordination has not been going well between work units even though coordination with related agencies has been running as it should.



Human Resources; Coordination; Effectiveness

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