The Translation Accuracy of Words, Phrases and Clauses Accommodating Graduation in Of Mice And Men into Tikus Dan Manusia

Vesi Cahyani, M.R. Nababan, Riyadi Santosa


This study aims to assess the translation quality in term of accuracy level of words, phrases, and clauses accommodating graduation that represent the main character in Of Mice and Men. This research uses descriptive qualitative method. The source data are document and informants. The documents are novel entitled Of Mice and Men and its Indonesian translation entitled Tikus dan Manusia by Ariyanti E. Tarman. Then, the informants are raters who assess the translation quality. The data were collected through content analysis and focus group discussion using assessment proposed by Nababan . There are 106 data found in this research. Out of 106 data, 104 (98.1%) were accurately translated, and 2 data (1.9%) were inaccurately translated since there were deletion in the target language . It also led to the scaling down of the evaluation. The accuracy score is 2.9 which means that the accuracy level is high.


Accuracy Assessment; Appraisal; Graduation; Translation

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