The Influence of Medication Availability in BPJS Patient Satisfaction in Inpatient Rsud Lanto DG. Pasewang Jeneponto Regency

Ria Rizqa Dewi, Alwy Arifin, Furqaan Naiem


Patient satisfaction depends on the quality of service he gets. Service is all the efforts made to meet the desires of its customers with the services to be provided. Understanding all the needs and desires of patients is an important thing that affects patient satisfaction. This type of research uses quantitative research methods analytic survey form with a cross-sectional study approach. The population in this study were Social Security Administrator (BJPS) independent paying participants in the Inpatient Unit of the Lanto DG Pasewang Regional Hospital, Jeneponto Regency. The sample in this study was selected randomly at the Lanto DG Pasewang General Hospital in Jeneponto Regency with the number of samples based on the Stanley Lemeshow formula. The results of the study using the chi-square test, showed that the variable drug availability (0.008), affect patient satisfaction. This research is expected to be an input for Lanto Hospital with Pasewang to evaluate the dimensions of these variables and conduct surveys of inpatient satisfaction periodically to improve the quality of health services.


Patient Satisfaction; BPJS; Hospitalization

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