Economic Valuation of the Komodo National Park West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara

Hamza H. Wulakada, Agus A. Nalle, Fred L. Benu, Melkianus Tiro


The study aims to determine the economic value of Komodo National Park (KNP) is an important information for the community and the government, so that area development policy should still consider the possibility of preservation and sustainability. The breakdown was done by descriptive qualitative and quantitative approach with the method of linear regression analysis. While it is to know the economic value of the attractions the KNP approximated by calculating the value of consumer surplus. The results showed that the factor of the cost of the trip, age of travelers, professional backgrounds and income levels have a significant influence on the level of tourist visits to the KNP. The cost of the trip and the age of the negative effect, while the background of the profession and the level of income give effect to a positive against the rate of tourist visits to the KNP. The Total value of the economic attractions of the KNP is estimated at IDR 60,358,019,952,567,-. Economic value this is the value potential that can be achieved if the management can still be maintained.


National Park; Tourism; Economic Value

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