Character-Based History Worksheet for Grade X Students

Yan Driya Samodra


Abstract: This research aimed at finding out: (1) the development of character-based History worksheet, (2) the appropriateness of character-based History worksheet for grade X students, and (3) the implementation of character in History worksheet.
This research fitted Research and Development adapting development model from Borg & Gall (1983). Seven steps were adapted: (a) collecting information, (b) planning, (c) developing preliminary form of product, (d) conducting preliminary field testing, (e) revising main product, (f) conducting main field testing, and (g) revising operational product. The data were collected through survey, observation, and interview.
The result of this research was a set of character-based worksheet. It embodied six units. To find out the feasibility, the worksheets were validated by experts and field tested. The result showed that the product had been appropriate to be used as it met the students’ needs and the employed curriculum.


worksheet, character education, History teaching, 2013 curriculum

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