Iran's Penal Policy for Incomplete Crimes

Abolghasem Khodadi, Mir Reza Salimi


Incomplete crime is one of the unfinished crimes and differs from its similar concepts namely impossible crime and attempting a crime. By examining Iran's penal policy we can say that the legislator's view toward this type of crime is shaky. This lack of integrity, both within the framework of the Public Penal Code of 1352 and in the context of post-revolutionary laws, has led to divisions in judicial and doctrine process. In the current legal order, however, we are faced with two articles 613 of the Ta'zir Law of 1375 and 122 of the Islamic Penal Code of 2013. In this article, while criticizing different viewpoints, two views have been presented. Firstly, in accordance with Article 122 of the Islamic Penal Code and its note, the incomplete crimes cannot be punished. Second, despite the implicit abolition of Article 613 of the Ta'zir Law of 1375 for commencing the premeditated murder, this Article still appears to be valid in the case of incomplete crimes and, consequently, by reference to this Article, the incomplete crimes are punishable solely for premeditated murder.


Unfinished Crimes; Incomplete crimes; Attempt; Impossible Crime; Penal Policy

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