Community Perception of Activation Sirine Tsunami in Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar

Khairina Idzni, Yusya Abubakar


After the earthquake and tsunami in Aceh on December 26, 2004, the government has developed an early warning system calledInaTEWS (Indonesia Tsunami Early Warning System) using a tsunami siren that aims to build community capacity to prepare and take action on tsunami hazards. The purpose of this study was to determine public knowledge, the benefits of siren activation, sound range and public perception of tsunami siren activation. Data collection uses descriptive qualitative and quantitative methods with instruments in the form of a validated questionnaire. Respondents involved were people who lived within a radius of 1 km, 2 km, and 3 km from the tsunami siren point. H asyl research shows that people's perceptions of tsunami siren activation vary , with the level of community knowledge being classified as good (with an average value of 77 , 25 %), as well as the benefits of tsunami siren activation being considered good by the community (with an average rating of 76 , 05%). The range of siren sounds is still quite sufficient (with an average value of 74 , 44 %) and the average public perception of siren activation as a whole is 76% with a good category. Even though the category is good, the average score is not maximal yet. Therefore, to increase knowledge and benefit from tsunami siren activation, awareness and care from the community must be raised. The government must also continue to deliver disaster information on an ongoing basis so that the community can fully understand the function of the tsunami siren.


Public Perception; Community Knowledge; The Benefits of Sirens; Siren Sound Range

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