Overview of the Accountability of the Professional Code of Ethics for Investigators Who Commit Physical Violence in the Investigation Process

Suhardin Suhardin, L Parman, L Subardi


This research was conducted to find out the service ethics of the Indonesian National Police profession in the investigation process as professional law enforcement officers, and to find out the professional code of ethics accountability for investigators who carry out physical violence in the investigation process. This research is a normative legal research, using the method of legislation approach and conceptual approach. This research shows that the ethics of the Indonesian National Police is very influential in order to realize the National Police as a professional law enforcement officer who is able to meet the needs of the people who require professional services, the police who commit violations will be examined and sanctioned according to the violations committed. The National Police are required to master the technique so that no action occurs outside the legal corridor.


Code of Ethics; Violence; Investigation

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18415/ijmmu.v6i4.970


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