The Livestock Partnership Development Strategy between Companies and Farmers in Greater Aceh Regency

Fachrul Nazli, Romano Romano, Ismayani Ismayani


The partnership may unite the interests of farmers and companies as the providers of livestock production facilities. The partnership pattern can be used to overcome various kinds of shortcomings faced by smallholder farmers in Greater Aceh Regency, in case that sometimes the partnership model often causes criticism and suspicion that lead to dissension. This research aimed to find out the strategy of developing livestock partnership patterns between companies and broiler breeders in Greater Aceh Regency. The results of the study showed that the livestock partnership development strategy between companies and breeders in Greater Aceh Regency are 1) Expanding marketing and promotion networks, 2) Increasing collaboration with academics and stakeholders in developing broiler livestock, 3) Increasing livestock cultivation resources and market information, 4) Strengthening business institutional in the field of production to meet market needs, 5) Certiifying the availability of quantity and ensuring the quality of livestock and conduct training / coaching for breeders, 6) Strengthening cooperative relations with partners and organizations that reinforce the livestock facilities, 7) Improving the quality of human resources in field staff and improving supervision in guidance and 8) Maximizing the use of facilities and infrastructure that are available.


Partnership; Company; Breeder; Strategy

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