Legal Protection for the Creditor as the Mortgage Holder for Granting Loan Using Collateral Land and Building Against Bad-Loan Debtor

Alfi Hidayat, Sukanda Husin, Ulfanora Ulfanora


The writing of this article is based on a research that aims to analyze and identify the application of prudential banking principles in loan agreement by the bank as creditor for granting loans using collateral land and building as well as to analyze and describe legal protection for creditor as the mortgage holder for granting loan using collateral land and building against bad-loan debtor. The method used is normative legal research using statute and conceptual approaches. Based on the results of the study, mortgage certificate has a permanent, executorial and legal force. It has an executive force that is equivalent to a court decision that has permanent legal force and applies as a substitute for grosse acte hypotheek as long as it concerns land rights. To secure the loan granted to the debtor, the mortgage certificate holder, especially the Bank, has received legal protection in the form of a droit de preference (having precedence rights over other creditors), droit de suite, the ease of auction. In this case, the mortgage object is protected from bankruptcy and it cannot be divided into mortgage objects.


Legal Protection; Loan; Mortgage.

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