Food Culture, Food Security and the Harmonization of Interethnic Groups: A Case Study of Karta Village in the Transmigration Area of Lampung Province, Indonesia

Bartoven Vivit Nurdin, Reevany Bustami


This paper presents a study on the Tulang Bawang society who lives along the river Tulang Bawang, relying on the river and land crops for daily sustenance. This study reviewed how this society handled food security within the context of a changing environment. Based on ecological anthropology, this study used qualitative methods with an ethnographic approach. The informants in this study consisted of Lampung ethnic, both Lampung and Javanese ethnic, and others, whose lives depend on the river and the land (agriculture) in Kampung Karta. The study findings showed that with regards to food culture and food security, the two key factors which facilitated the interethnic relations are the social organization and kinship that exists within the society, and the local knowledge and technology (ethno sciences).


Ecological Anthropology; Food Culture; Food Security; Interethnic Relations; Transmigration

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