How Are Disaster Risk Reduction Activities in Indonesian Villages Financed?

Muhammad Fauzan Nur, M Dirhamsyah, Heru Fahlevi


This study aimed to analyses how villages finances their Disaster Risk Reduction Activities in 5 villages in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Data was collected through document analysis and interviews. The period of data collection is from January to April 2019. The interviewees are head of villages, representatives from disaster agencies and representatives of institutions that provide funding to villages. The data is analyzed by using qualitative method. The results of the study unveil that the studied villages in Syiah Kuala sub-district had allocated village budgets for DRR activities, although the amount was very small compared to the total budget received in the current year (less than one percent). The main source of funding is the village fund.


Financing; Disaster Risk Reduction; Villages; Banda Aceh

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