The Review of the Proposed Words of James Bellamy in Verse 52 of Surah Hajj and Verse 32 of Surah ‘Abasa

Robab Shahmoradi, Seyyed Majid Nabavi


James Andrew Bellamy is an American orientalist and professor at the University of Michigan, who has conducted some research about the holy Qur'an. In his research, he assumed Quran as an old manuscript and, by presenting several articles, he has criticized and studied several Quranic words. He believes that Qur'an has been altered and changed; therefore, it is necessary to correct these mistakes by examining the content of Qur'anic verses and surahs. In some of his articles, he considers some of the words of Qur'an as changed words and gives the correct word instead. The following article reviews and criticizes the words proposed by James Bellamy about the word "تمنی " in verse 52 of Surah al-Hajj and also the word "ابا " in verse 32 of Surah al-‘Abasa.


Qur'an; James Bellamy; Reformation; Tamanna; Aba

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