Knowledge about the Earthquake of Earthquake in Health in Pidie Jaya General Hospital with Meureudu Health Center

Wafaun Nisa, Imran Imran, Agussabti Agussabti


Knowledge of emergencies is very important for health workers, because this affects actions when they provide health services for disaster victims. This study aims to determine the level of knowledge and differences in the level of knowledge of emergencies in health workers at Pidie Jaya General Hospital and Meureudu Health Center. Quantitative research with purposive sampling technique for 150 health workers for each Pidie Jaya General Hospital and Meureudu Health Center. The level of knowledge of emergencies was assessed from scor on a total of 30 questionnaire statements containing questions about Airway, Breathing and Circulation, Triage, Basic Life Assistance. The level of emergency knowledge is in the Very Low category, which is as much as 50%, namely 75 respondents in Pidie Jaya Hospital health workers and as many as 50%, namely 75 respondents at the Meureudu Health Center health personnel. There is no difference in knowledge between health workers at Pidie Jaya General Hospital and Meureudu Health Center. The knowledge of hospital health workers is 57.2% while the Puskesmas is 63.2%, while the triage is 54.7% of the health staff of the hospital and 52.7% of the health personnel of the health center. The Basic Life Discharge indicator for hospital health workers was 63.0% and Puskesmas 61.4%. Health workers at Pidie Jaya General Hospital and Meureudu Health Center are still not ready to handle the victims of the disaster because they have very low knowledge of the emergency.


Knowledge; Emergency; Airway; Breathing and Circulation; Triage; Basic Life Aid

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