Logical, Philosophical and Theological Applications of Shahid Sadr's Theory of Knowledge

Hassan Lahootiyan, Behruz Muhammadimunfared


Shahid Seyed Mohammad Baqer Sadr is a Muslim theoretician who along with various theories in different sciences has invented a new method in epistemology. He found Aristotelian epistemic method faced with serious challenges and by adding "essential method" and validating inductive reason, broke the restriction of certain data in "rational self-evident truths" and "result of proof" and described the "result of inductive reason" as the third class of certainties and claimed that a major part of human knowledge is acquired in this way. Shahid Sadr did not leave his own new method in theoretical level and applied it as regards various problems of some sciences. In this way, he succeeded to provide a well-reasoned answer for the significant questions that had been left unanswered or considered as self-evident. The current article by collecting and explaining these applications in the sciences of logic, philosophy, and theology studies, investigates and analyzes them.


Shahid Sadr; Essential Logic; Monotheism; Prophecy; Sophistry

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18415/ijmmu.v6i3.834


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