Implementation of Issuance of Substitute Certificate and Legal Implications (Study at the Land Office of North Lombok Regency)

Hilman Hilman, Lalu Wira Pria Suhartana


The purpose of this research is to find out the implementation of issuance of substitute certificates and legal implications. Factors influencing the issuance of the replacement certificate because the certificate was lost and because the certificate was damaged, and the certificate still used the old certificate and the legal implications of issuing a substitute certificate.

The sources of data found in this study are from interviews with the Head of the Land Law Relations Section of the North Lombok National Land Agency Office, the Head of the Land Registration Subsection of the North Lombok Regency National Land Agency and the Ganges Sector Police of North Lombok Regency.

The results showed that the issuance of the Substitute Certificate and Legal Implications consisted of three stages, namely, the preparation stage of the applicant, the registration stage, the implementation stage of the certificate of replacement by the Office of the North Lombok National Land Agency. Legal implications arising from the issuance of a replacement certificate in the event of a violation of land rights can carry out prosecution of the violator based on their rights in accordance with Article 32 of Government Regulation Number 24 of 1997 concerning Land Registration that the certificate is a strong and legal certificate. but if there is another party who feels they have the right to the land, then they may submit a written objection to the holder of the certificate and the National Land Agency or submit a complaint to the Court regarding land ownership or issuance of the certificate.


Implementation; Replacement Certificate; Implications

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Interview with Dick Atmajaya, Head of Land Law Relations at the North Lombok Regency Land


The results of the interview with Mochamad Risky, Head of Subdivision of Land Rights

Registration at the North Lombok Regency Land Office.

The results of interviews with Herman, Staff of the Registration Counter at the North Lombok

Regency Land Office.

Results of Interview with Samsul Hadi, KA. SPKAT II, at the Ganges Sector Police Office in

North Lombok Regency.

The result of the interview with Ms. Anna, the applicant was a substitute certificate at the North

Lombok Regency Land Office.



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