The Position of Auction Treatise Deed in The Process of Motor-Vehicle Title Transfer (The Case Study in Pekanbaru)

Siti Azwita Utami, Yuslim Yuslim, Beatrix Benni


The auction process is regulated in Minister of Finance Regulation Number 27/PMK.06/2016 concerning instructions for conducting the auction. The existence of treatise on the law of auction is certainly essential for the seller and the buyer since it is related to the need for proof of legal ownership of the object being auctioned for both movable and immovable properties. A proof of transfer of ownership of motor-vehicles is in the form of treatise of auction made by auction officials. It serves as a valid sale and purchase deed and as the basis for the title transfer of the auction winner. However, in fact, in Pekanbaru there are still many non-execution auction winners who do not transfer the title based on the auction treatise but instead use receipts. Based on this fact, the researcher formulates the research problems: (1) How is the process of transferring the title of a motor-vehicle through a non-execution auction in Pekanbaru? (2) How is the position of a auction treatise deed  in the process of transferring the name of a motor-vehicle in Pekanbaru? The research method in this study is empirical juridical research. Based on the results of the study: 1) In Pekanbaru, the auction winner transfers the title with the help of the bureau or the used car showroom. The unit and the proof of motor-vehicle ownership are already in the hands of the auction winner, thus transferring the title does not require an auction treatise copy. 2) The auction treatise is the basis for transferring the title / the rights in accordance with the items stated in the auction treatise to the authorized institution. However, in fact, the winner of the motor-vehicle auction does not use the auction treatise in transferring the title. The auction treatises are only used to transfer the title of the government auction, while the terms for the title transfer of the private auction has the same terms as the ordinary trading.


Treatise on the Law of Auction; Transfer of Title

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