Indexical Expression in Islamic Communication Dialectics of Aceh (Communication Ethnometology Analysis of Meaning on Islamic Sharia in Aceh)

Wahyuni Choiriyati


This study describes how language in local Aceh terminology becomes an expression of communication as a way of constructing the reality of the Acehnese community in carrying out Islamic Sharia Regional Regulation. Aceh is a symbol of the establishment of Islamic law which begins with customary justice. In 2004, after special autonomy Aceh had the authority to run Islamic Sharia. The internalization of the items in the qanun concerns communication activities that are directly related to the value of Sharia. In this study, ethnometodology studies to analyze practical sociological reasoning and social activities in daily life through the practice of language. The main purpose of ethnometodology is to understand the dialectics of Sharia Communication to study how members of Acehnese society build social interaction and make sense of indexical expression. Information is determined by snow ball techniques to facilitate the fabrication of ethic and emic data constructed by researchers. 


Indexical Expression; Communication Dialectics; Communication Ethnometodology

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