Communication Meaning in The Community Online Mobile Legends Based on Depok Players Realities

Shilvy Andini Sunarto, Christiana Wulandari, Eko Hartanto


Online game phenomena occur in almost all parts of the world. This phenomenon is experienced by some major cities in Indonesia, including Depok. As a result of this phenomenon, various kinds of online game lovers community emerged, one of them is the Mobile Legends online game community. With the formation of the community, each Gamers will have experience and views on their preferences to play Mobile Legends, both before and after becoming a player of Mobile Legends. This qualitative research uses a type of phenomenological approach with the constructivism paradigm. Then using symbolic interaction theory and self-concept. Data collection techniques carried out were interviews and non-participant observations. Analysis techniques that are carried out using verification. The results obtained were due to playing Mobile Legends Online Games, the five informants no longer considered Mobile Legends to be just a game, in their opinion the game was as a source of income, learning media, half-life, and as a mandatory activity that must be done every day. The conclusion obtained from the results of this study is that the five informants became addicted to the Mobile Legends Game and had a lot of self-changes since starting and continuing to play and joining the community of Mobile Legends Depok. There are four things that support informants to become addicted, namely the attractiveness of the game itself, the benefits gained by playing, lifestyle and friendship and environment factors of the informant.


Meaning; Mobile Legends; Online Community

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