Digital Campaigns to Prevent Sexual Abuse in Early Childhood (Case study: Video Geni and Aksa in YouTube)

Meilani Dhamayanti


Nowadays, Children sexual abuse is increasing. News in various mass media informed that sexual violence threatens not only girls but also boys under 7 years old. KPAI (Komisi Perlindungan Anak Indonesia) as a government institution in child protection said that early childhood sexual abuse in was already an emergency stage. At present the sexual abuse are not only girls but boys under 7 years old. All of society element need collaborate to find solve problem. Prevention efforts need to be done so that the number of victims of violence against early childhood does not increase. Digital campaign is one of way to prevent children sexual abuse. Video Geni and Aksa is produced by Unicef to social campaign. This video often use government, NGO and school to educate many people like children, parents, teacher other.The purpose of this study is to find out how to use Geni and Aksa videos as a media campaign to anticipate children sexual abuse. This study uses communication theory, new media and campaign. This research uses qualitative methodology. The technique of data collection is done by conduction in-depth interviews to 3 (three) people like government, parents, teacher and children. The results of this study, video Geni and Aksa is effective as education media to build awareness people. YouTube as a digital media has many advantages to disseminate information on sexual violence against early childhood. Suggestion: To effective result, its better Video of  Geni and Aksa can be informed to many elements because not everyone can access YouTube.


Digital Campaign; You Tube; Sexual Violence

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