Development of Dribbling and Shooting Exercise Models in Futsal Sports (Development Study of POK Futsal Achievement Training in Sebelas Maret University)

Argya Setya Wimala, Muchsin Doewes, M Furqon Hidayatullah


The purpose of this study was to develop a good dribbling and shooting exercise model and carry out the trial of the development product. The research method used in this study is a research and development method. The first step that was carried out was a needs analysis using the free guided interview method to find out the problems that existed in the development of POK UNS futsal achievements related to dribbling and shooting exercises. From the results of the interview, it is known that the students' dribbling and shooting abilities are still not good and there is no dribbling and shooting training program based on theoretical studies. From these results, the following topics can be formulated: (1) The general theory of futsal. (2) The theory of basic futsal techniques. (3) the general theory of dribbling and shooting exercises. (4) Dribbling and futsal shooting. Furthermore, the evaluation of product development in the dribbling and shooting training model that has been prepared to academic experts and trainers is obtained so that the final average score is 79.33% which indicates that the product design for the development of dribbling and shooting training models for students who have developed futsal achievements can be tested on the stage of small group trials and large group trials. The small group test results with 15 subjects were 82.83%. The trial of a large group with a subject of 30 people with a result of 83.92%. From the results of product testing, the product effectiveness test was then carried out to compare the increase in dribbling and shooting capabilities that were trained with the training models that had been made with conventional training models that were commonly done before. The results of the effectiveness test for dribbling using the new exercise model showed an average increase of 3.06 seconds, while those using the conventional training model showed an average increase of 0.15 seconds. Shooting using the new exercise model showed an average increase of 7.24 while those using conventional training models showed an average increase of 0.56.


Dribbling Training Model; Shooting Practice Model; Futsal

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