The Role of the Notary Regional Supervisory Board in Preventing Legal Violations Committed by Notaries in Padang City

Dina Shabrina, Azmi Fendri, Frenadin Adegustara


The authority of the notary is very susceptible of legal violations. The role of the supervisory board is very important to maintain the notary profession in carrying out the authority. Law enforcement is urgently needed when a violation arises, in which a troubled notary must be sanctioned. Conducting research in the form of scientific work that studies the following research problems will be interesting: (1) what factors are the cause of legal violations committed by notaries in Padang City? (2) what is the role of the Regional Supervisory Board in preventing legal violations committed by notaries in Padang City? and (3) what actions are taken by the Regional Supervisory Board against the notaries who commit legal violations in Padang City. This study applies juridical empirical approach using secondary and primary data types. The Regional Supervisory Board of Padang City mentioned that the factors causing legal violations committed by the notaries in Padang City are that (1) the notary likes to accept a work that is not in accordance with the date stated in the deed and (2) the notary often does not see the client directly. Legal violations committed by notaries in Padang City can be prevented by conducting socialization and direct observation in the field. The action that can be taken if legal violations committed by notaries occurs is to carry out the inspection process in order to prove whether or not the notary has committed a violation.


Role; Prevent; Legal Violation

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