Preparation of Innovation "Besuk Kiamat" Population and Civil Registration Office Surakarta City

Azhalola Testiana, Kristina Setyowati, Rina Herlina Haryanti


The purpose of this study was to determine the formulation of innovation "Besuk Kiamat"  Population and Civil Registration Office Surakarta City. Data analysis techniques used in this research is triangulation with qualitative descriptive research. The results showed that 1) The creation of the idea originated from the lack of public awareness of the importance of the death certificate, 2) Experiments were done at 5 (five) sub district as a pilot project, 5 (five) sub districtlisted as densely populated areas and prove worthy tested, 3) Determining the feasibility of innovation "Besuk Kiamat" has been carried out by LAN via Drum Up, Diagnose, Design, Delivery and Display, 4) Implementation is done in order to realize accurate data for sustainable development.


Innovation; Public Service; Population Administration; A Death Certificate

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